Praise for SEKHET - Book One of The Sekhet Saga, a Trilogy

David W. Thompson, author of Sister Witch: "Sekhet, oh Sekhet! What a perfectly wicked demon thou art!"

Darlene Williams, author of Guarding Angel: "Surprises that blew me away."

Richard DeVall, author of UP "A real entertaining read by K K Weakley and this is only book one!"

Jean Booth, author of Changed "My favorite was actually Sekhet; she was very confident in her demon-ness."

Paula Quinn, NYT and USA Today Best-selling author, Laird of the Black Isle I love Victor and Joe (he had me crying a little)…

Valbona Karanxha, author of Contested Identities, Split Loyalties "The book is quite addicting, and after you read it, please burn some sage, it is very powerful."

Leah Dempsey, Wexford Free Press, Ireland Sekhet is one of those books that you simply can't put down…hooked from the very first page.

Morten W. Simonsen, author of Fire Within "Sekhet is demons and mystery and romance all expertly cooked together in one thrilling tale."

Donna Collins, author of Hunted: The Sacrifice
I am ashamed to admit…I adored that the Hell-demon's 'good' trait is that she keeps her promises. K.K.Weakley's wickedly morbid sense of humour is right up my street …The ending? Well, you just know that the crap is about to hit the fan all over again. A brilliant read!!!

Paul O'Brien Playwright and International Best-selling author, Blood Red Turns Dollar Green The pages melt into a wonderfully woven story that I couldn't get enough of.

K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite: "Accomplished atmospheric writing, memorable characters, and high-stakes horror fantasy thrills by the bucketful."


HELLBOUND Book 2 in the Sekhet Saga

Wild Wolf Publishing is delighted to announce the launching of Hellbound 2nd in the Sekhet Saga book by K K Weakley. On Thursday 10th December 2020 at 12a.m in Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, Smashwords, iTunes.

Witches, necromancers, seers, and the human world, where they live as one of us, with werewolves thrown in! Molly, no longer able to hide her mistakes, discovers Sekhet is the lesser of two evils. Her powers will be tested to the max.

Lucifer waits in the wings, impatient for Molly’s company, as two sparring hell demons consider alternate fates for the young witch… Can even Lucifer hold Sekhet’s sublime fiendishness in check? David W. Thompson, author of Sister Witch: